A DoS to the TV or how to turn it off remotely

Tired of the neighbor going by with the TV at full volume? If you have a Sony Bravia and you access its WiFi network, you can turn it off in a very simple and fun way.

Playing with his TV, researcher Gabriel Menezes ran into a bug that would allow him to lock the TV and turn it off. To do this run a command hping against the IP of the TV sending a large number of packets continuously until the system collapses.

Instantly all the functions of the TV stopped responding for 35 seconds, then they were restored but if the attack persists the blockage occurs 3 times and finally turns off, to turn it on you have to press the button on the TV itself.

The vulnerable model is the Sony Bravia TV (KDL-32CX525) and surely many others have vulnerabilities of this type. You can find more information about the bug and the command to execute here.

Although attacks of this type may seem funny, they are not considering that today's televisions are real computers, connect to the internet, allow browsing, access social networks, make purchases … they became computers that handle sensitive information.

For now I never saw an antivirus for TV and I can not imagine them in the near future, but it would not be a bit crazy to think about it when they are surfing the Internet, they are connecting USB memory sticks and they are installing things. Just as computers and cell phones are targets of attacks, a television could also be infected, after all it is only an operating system that has no protection.

Can you imagine a botnet of televisions? 🙂