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Accept invitation from fake girl on FB and robbed of safe


Another Facebook case related to a kidnapping, this time happened in Belgium. A group of criminals used a false profile of a woman to cheat a supermarket manager and rob him.

Apparently as reported by the Belgian police, the virtual relationship lasted a week until the victim was invited to a dinner to get to know each other better. At the meeting place the criminals were waiting for himThey kidnapped him and stole the keys to his apartment.

One of the thieves stayed with him while the other went to the house, looked for the keys to the supermarket and with the help of a third accomplice emptied the safe. They were recorded by security cameras and now the police are making the images public to find the whereabouts of these subjects.

Obviously it was something planned, maybe since before adding it on Facebook and one way or another they were going to steal it. But the case serves as an example to remember that you have to have careful with the people we add and the information we share, especially if invitations of this type are usually accepted.

At Trend Micro they give very good advice, which is to ask everyone to add why they do it and where they know us from, if the answers are not convincing, it is best to ignore the invitation.

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