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Acebook, facebok and faecbook .com domains used to cheat

pagina falsa que simula a facebook

If you make a mistake when you enter Facebook and write acebook .com (without the F at the beginning) you will end up in a fraudulent page that offers some attractive prizes:

The scammers play with a supposed birthday of the network but it's all false, the site has no relationship with Facebook and the prizes are not real. Selecting any of them ends in a page that loads an intelligence test:

Several questions are asked and finally the mobile number is requested to receive the test result:

If you fall into the trap you will end up losing your money, because it is a service of SMS subscription that sends payment messages every day!They have nothing to do with Facebook and the prizes are just bait to get you into the game:

Receive 7 messages per week, which will cost max $ 4 per message until you send BAJA COOLIQ to 70370. The costs will be billed to your mobile phone account or will be deducted from your balance.

Lots of traffic …

Being one of the most visited sites on the internet, there must be many people who wrong to write the address. This is what is known as a typo domain.

In the following screenshot you can see the Alexa ranking from the fraudulent site accessed by a redirect from acebook .com:

According to the graph the site would be active from mid-April and the traffic it receives is huge, literally they must be filling with gold.

Facebook is not the only one …

Something similar happens with facebok .com (with an O), faecbook .com, acebok .com and faceboock .comIn addition, there are many other famous sites that are used in the same way, for example if is misspelled, it ends on this page:

And by misspelling you end up on this other fraudulent page:

Here you can see a variant of the same with YouTube.

Given the similarity between sites, records and uptime, I assume they are all under the control of the same person. Other domains that are part of the scam:

1939 .comsocialrewardcenter .comsocialsurvey2011 .comvideorewardcenter .cominforewardsurvey .com

Be very careful with these tricks!