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After reading this you will never throw away the silica bags

After reading this you will never throw away the silica bags

We all know what the slice sachets.

Shoemakers are adept at filling their product boxes with useless items: those black or white plastic sticks that we only kept when we were little to make crafts, enough paper balls to fill a truck, and some bags filled with beads. a clear message from don't eat.

If the balls are toxic and we no longer keep the shoes in the box, why are we going to keep those bags? That yes, the old cinema tickets and the shiny bracelets of the discotheques we keep them, which are useless, but it has more meaning. Well, we are making a huge mistake, as it turns out that those bags with no apparent use can get us out of more than a rush.

What are slice sachets and what are they for?

The balls inside the famous bags are composed of slice gel, a granular version of the silicon dioxide. This material is very porous, which makes it very useful as a water adsorbent, so it is often accompanied by many products, to keep them safe from damage from moisture.

We often throw them away for fear of the warning about their danger that the bags contain; but in reality it is a totally harmless. The notice is due to Cobalt chloride containing as an additive to indicate the gel moisture. This substance gives the balls color blue when they are dry and rose when they get wet, so it alerts us when we should change the gel.

Either way, just keep the bags away from children, to prevent him from hitting them in the mouth. Otherwise, contact with this product does not pose any danger.

What are the applications of the slice sachets?

Okay, I told you they have a lot of profit, so get down to business. As I told you, these substances are a good drying, so it supposes an infinity of Applications.

Elimination of humidity in electronic devices: Have you spilled a jug of water on your mobile phone? Have you got into the pool with the clock on and it turns out that it was not aquatic? No more putting it in rice. Try stuffing whatever's gotten wet into a jar full of these pouches overnight.

Prevention of annoying windshield fog: You are going to take the car in the morning, the glass is totally cloudy and you see absolutely nothing, so you turn on the heating while you spend the windshield wiper praying that it dries in time to get to work on time. Has it happened to you? If you had put a few bags under the windshield you probably would have avoided the problem.

Extend the life of razor blades: There is nothing worse for blades than moisture. If they are stored in the bathroom, where the humidity is almost constant, in the end they have to be changed very, very regularly. If this happens to you, putting them in a closed container with a few of these bags may be the solution.

Keep the sports bag cool and avoid odors: Except for six great swimming fans, it is normal that after practicing sports, clothes are sweaty. So when we put it in the gym bag, we create a terrific bacterial broth, and a rather unpleasant odor as a result. Do you want to end that problem? Add a few bags of slice. They will remove moisture and your backpack will stay cool longer.

Keep old photos: Who doesn't have a drawer, shelf, or box full of old photos? That photo from when your grandparents were dating, or the typical photo of your mother with braids hugging her favorite grimace. Over time, the humidity ends up deteriorating those photos and it can cost us a good amount of money for a professional to restore them. Therefore, it is best to keep them accompanied by bags of slice. You don't play with memories.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Run to see how many tennis bags at home. And from now on, don't even think about throwing one more.