Amazon Echo 2019 review: a great sounding basic smart speaker

In a recent event to be remembered by journalists for many years, Amazon showed the public almost two dozen new devices, most of them related to Alexa and all of them thinking about how the American giant wanted to be relevant beyond mobile and mobile devices. computers.

Between glasses and rings with Alexa we saw more realistic products, iterations of devices that have been a success in many markets, including Spain.

Alexa is no longer a stranger

Partly because of Amazon's advertising campaign, and partly because it is surely the store with the largest showcase worldwide, the smart speakers Jeff Bezos' company are already a device that, although it is not common to see in every house, it is becoming less and less strange.

Blue light indicates that Alexa is listening

The Amazon Echo are the gateway for many users to the home, something that Amazon increasingly values ​​more, as we saw in the event that we mentioned above.

So, now that we have, in addition to the Amazon Echo Dot, the very economical Amazon Echo Flex, we can say that the normal speaker, the one we are analyzing now, is the midpoint, not the starting point.

A simple speaker but with good sound

Whenever someone asks me to recommend a speaker, I go for a Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Home Mini, according to the ecosystem that you value the most. The reason is the price, since they are the cheapest (now the Flex breaks that but it is still a very specific product as it cannot reproduce music).

Volume, Alexa wake and mute buttons

But if what we want is a speaker for a room where we need a better range of the microphones and that has a better sound quality, then we should look at this third-generation Amazon Echo, or Amazon Echo 2019.

An Amazon Echo Plus without additives

Just a year ago I analyzed the Amazon Echo Plus, the most advanced model of the moment of the speakers with Alexa, since it is now left for the Amazon Echo Studio.

When the Amazon Echo 2019 It caught my attention that, aesthetically, it was the same as the Plus, with the same buttons, shape and textures. And that was a prelude to what he would see.

Internally we have the same sound quality, the same speakers, the same design, weight and connections. Well, here you have to make a subsection and that is that the Amazon Echo has audio output on its 3.5 mm Jack but the Amazon Echo Plus has audio input and output.

Charger and audio output

The biggest change of this model with the Plus (which we remember costs 50% more) is the absence of a home controller (the Plus integrates a Zigbee controller) and a temperature sensor, something that I have found using much more than what believe, quite a surprise.

Alexa is just as powerful

But the reason we buy a smart speaker is usually voice control. Here Alexa is just as present as in the rest of the brand's models, and we can invoke it with a touch on one of the upper buttons or by voice, as is logical.

We can also change the volume of the speaker or mute the microphone in case we do not want to be heard for some reason.

Red light indicates that the microphone is muted

If you are interested in the commands that you can use with this speaker, I recommend that you watch this video that we published on the YouTube channel of Omicrono and El Androide Libre.

Who should buy this speaker?

Amazon has a great catalog of household products with its smart speakers, but it has segmented them very well.

If you only care about the price, you should buy the Amazon Echo Dot (or the model with a built-in digital clock if you are going to put it in the kitchen or room).

If you want the best sound you have to go for the most expensive, the Amazon Echo Studio for almost 200 euros.

But if it knows that you are going to use it to listen to music, that you will put it in a large room such as a spacious room or office and that it will be an investment that you will make profitable and not leave in a drawer, then the third generation Amazon Echo 2019 is a great option .

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