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An investigation bundles it affirming that God created the human hand

An investigation bundles it affirming that God created the human hand

Although there are some exceptions, the science and the catholic religion These are two disciplines that do not usually get along very well, as this study on intelligent hand design shows.

The causes are clear: Catholicism defends that the earth and man created them God in six days, leaving him even time to rest a seventh, while science is in favor of more contrasting theories, As the Big Bang and the evolution of species.

For this reason, new disputes continually appear, such as the one that recently arose due to a scientific article published a month ago in the magazine. PLoS ONE, where the word is used creator in what seems like a clear reference to the divine creation. This has sparked a great controversy among readers, which have led the magazine itself to ask sorry for not having reviewed the article correctly, adding that the publication of a retraction.

The controversial article that has given so much to talk

The article is titled Biomechanical characteristics of Hand Coordinationin in Grasping Activities of Daily Living and in it it is mentioned that the combination of muscles, tendons and joints hand that allows the gripping process, it is a work resulting from creator.

The commotion this has caused between the scientific community and even the general public has led to that, only one month then the sorry; not only from the magazine, but also from one of the authors of the article, who wrote a comment in the publication, alleging that his native speech is not English and therefore did not know the exact meaning of the term creator, so you used it in reference to the nature.

On the other hand, ask that the scientific value of the publication simply because of this confusion and adds that in the next manuscript the original term of the polemic will be removed.

Updated: PLoS One retracts the study

The PLoS One publisher has announced that it has retracted the published study, after consulting with experts who analyzed it. They assure that everything was an error in the peer review system, and apologize for the publication of the study.

Creationism vs science: the eternal battle

Although no one doubts that the rest of the article can have a great scientific valueThis regrettable confusion has only awakened the eternal battle between science and religion.

As I said at the beginning, according to the creationism, the entire universe and living beings are the result of divine creation. This will discard all theories, born of study and the experimentation, that science has been contributing throughout the centuries.

Although creationism was originally considered a philosophical trend, little by little all those pseudoscientific and religious movements who oppose evolution. However, not everyone considers science and religion to be two opposing disciplines; Well, in fact, great scientists like Faraday, Mendel or Volta they also had a great religious awareness.

Everything in life has its place. Therefore, it would be better to leave science for scientific publications and religion for religious temples. Don't you think

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