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Antel launches a new service to geolocate other people's cell phones

celumap antel localiza celulares

Antel (the largest telephone company in Uruguay) recently announced the launch of a new service called CeluMap Antel that allows locating other cell phones in real time by showing their location on a map.

It works based on the mobile network, triangulating with the antennas and also obtaining the GPS information if an application is installed on the cell phone.

This service is not new, in fact in 2011 I commented on the blog referring to its usefulness and also danger. Since although it can be used well, it would also allow spying on another person if the service is authorized without their consent (something that can be done in a couple of minutes with physical access to the cell phone).

When a person requests to locate another, the latter receives for the only time An SMS that you must reply to authorize the location:

Once it is authorized, alerts are no longer received each time the other person requests the location and this can become a privacy problem for one of the parties if they activate the service without their knowing it. Well, it will be enough to activate it and then delete the messages so as not to leave traces in plain sight.

The service I mentioned a few years ago is called Find and it works from the address but now this service is no longer operational.

Update: When I wrote the article, the web did not work, but now it has started working again and the service allows us to locate the cell phones using antennas on the Antel network. Each location that is made has a cost of 3 Uruguayan pesos.

The new service called CeluMap Antel works from the address and is based on a product called CeluMap developed by the company Inswitch Solutions S.A. which also offers it for other mobile operators.

CeluMap Antel is not free, to use it you must subscribe to plans that vary between 60 to 250 Uruguayan pesos per month, each offering different characteristics. More information and details can be found here.

Given the great utility it can have, in my opinion Antel should offer it free of charge to all its clients. In addition, to avoid misuse, users who are located should be alerted from time to time by SMS, so that they are aware of the existence of this service.

How to know if they are locating you or activated it on your cell phone without you knowing?

The application that uses GPS for geolocation is called CeluMap Antel, but even without having this application installed, the cell phone can be located by triangulation with mobile antennas.

Although this geolocation is not always accurate, it is sufficient to know in which neighborhood, city or area a person is located.

Accessing You can see who has permission to know your location and delete it if you have never authorized it:

Although this procedure is simple and free, those who do not know the service will never review these permissions. Therefore, it would be advisable that the people located receive a reminder by SMS from time to time, in this way if they activate the location without their consent they will find out that they are spying on them.