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Application to exploit router vulnerabilities

Routerpwn explotar vulnerabilidades de routers

Routerpwn is a tool that includes local and remote exploits for exploit known router vulnerabilities. It is very simple to use, just search the list for the device you want to attack and select one of the available exploits.

Exploits available for Belkin routers

Attacks are launched with a simple click against the default IP, but can be changed to an internal or remote one from the (IP) option. As of today it has more than 140 exploits for different brands that allow to carry out various types of attacks such as denials of service, password changes, DNS changes, resets and much more.

Something very interesting is that it can also be run from mobile devices, tablets and consoles such as the PS3, Wii, etc. (the tool is written in HTML and JavaScript). In the following screenshot you can see it loaded on the iPhone:

For more information about its use, visit, I also recommend watching the video that they have published in Security by Default where its operation is explained with some demos.


It is worth mentioning that attacking third-party routers without authorization can cause problems, even legal ones. But tools like these remind us of the importance of keeping our home network safe and update firmwares devices, which many users are not used to doing.

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