Back up the Blogger blog at

Blogger has an internal tool that allows you to download backups of all posts and comments, doing it periodically is recommended in case Blogger ever fails and loses our posts.

Another way to make backups is take advantage of wordpress.comThis service is free and has a tool that allows you to automatically import all blogger posts, images and comments.

The idea is create a new private blog to serve as backup and to which only we will have access.

Steps to endorse Blogger at

one- You must create an account at and then create a new blog. Try to make the password impossible to guess and different from the one you use in Blogger, in this way you will increase the security of the backup.

Important: when creating the new blog make sure to select the option Private As indicated in the following image, this way no one will be able to access the content of the new blog (not even Google):

Create blog / private backup

2- Once the blog is created on, in the administration panel you will see the menu Tools and the option to import:

Import from Blogger

3- After accessing the import section of Blogger, you must authorize WordPress so that it can access your Google account:

Authorizing WordPress

4- Finally you will see a panel like the following where you must click on the magic button to import. The process will take several minutes, depending on the amount of post and comments you have:

Importing the blog

This it does not affect your blog at at all, the same continue online as always. After the import, the result will be a copy of your blog in a service external to Blogger, only you will have access to it.

When you try to enter (without being logged into wordpress) you should see something like this:

Private blog

If the blog loads normally it means that it is not set to be private (you forgot to do it in step 1), this is something very important to avoid having duplicate content.

To block access to people and search engines you must go to the menu Adjustments, to select Privacy and then the option I want my blog to be private, visible only to the users that I select.

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