Beautiful car for sale, but on a fake eBay

EBay phishing is one of the most common, the following is an example of many that can be found. In this case the fraudulent site posing as eBay's automotive section:

(click to see larger)

I don't drive car prices, but that Toyota for only 2,900 dollars is somewhat suspicious …

When the purchase is confirmed using the Buy it Now button, the site continues to impersonate eBay and requests personal data:

Fake site requests the buyer's information

Once the information has been sent, supposed eBay representative contact the victims to coordinate the payment by Western Union, this can be done by email and even by phone (with so much money at stake they will do everything possible to convince the buyer):

If you access the eBay security section you will see that all these characteristics are those related to the fraud. There is also recommended look for the offer on eBay using the number that identifies it (item number) and as expected, does not exist:

Legitimate eBay site

Be very careful when buying on the internet, when in doubt, it is best to look for information, ask in forums and, above all, use common sense.

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