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Beware of these two … fake Windows utilities


In recent months, many fraudulent programs have been detected that appear to be utilities for Windows that analyze the disk, memory and other components. Its behavior is similar to that of the fake antivirus classics, in addition to infecting, they pretend to find problems so that the victim ends up buying a license.

Many times I commented that attackers use the same skins or designs To create variants with different names, well, a couple of designs that are being used a lot lately are the ones that you can see in the following screenshots:

Clones: SmartHDD, MyDisk, WinDefrag, HDDTools, WinHDD, HDD Plus, UltraDefragger, HDD Defragmenter, System Defragmenter, Quick Defragmenter, Good Memory, Fast Disk, Disk OK, Windows Scan.

Clones: PCoptimizer, Windows Optimization & Security, Windows Optimization Center, Windows Universal Tool, Windows Utility Tool, Windows Security & Control, Windows System Optimizator, PC Protection Center, Privacy Corrector.

If you find something like that on your computer, regardless of its name, it means that you are infected.

There are so many clones that have appeared in the last 3 or 4 months that many lost track, below each capture you can see some of the different names that have been used, there are many more and in some cases they cause confusion with legitimate programs. So the important thing is to remember the appearance to identify them (they are all the same).

As always, if any of these fake programs end up installed on your computer, you can go through the forum and ask for help to remove it.