Bill Gates Lottery Fraud

If you received an email that claims to be sent by bill gates foundation Pay attention to this article, because it is a fake email that seeks to trick you into stealing your money.

The message tries to get attention with the alleged prize of a lotteryTo receive the award, you must respond by providing personal information.

In other variants of this scam, attachments are also sent with alleged lottery documents that include company logos to make them appear more real. But it is all a hoax!

Below you can see two example screenshots:

In addition to steal information from victims, the attackers then try to convince them to do a initial deposit To receive the award, they do this by mail and even phone calls from alleged lawyers and banks. This deposit is normally requested by Western UnionWhen the money is sent the scammers withdraw it and they are never heard from again.

An article alerting you to this lottery scam can be found on the Microsoft page.

I recently received an email of this kind, apparently they wanted to send me 4.5 billion dollars, I followed suit and even called them on Skype (to Senegal), after a few emails in which I sent them false information and teased them I was asked $ 410 by Western Union to pay for a lawyer's fee and other expenses.

The guys use automatic translators so the writing is very bad and they do their best to convince the victims, send photos, documents, make up stories … obviously everything is false, but if you doubt and for a moment believe itends up losing his money.

In the Forum there is a new section to post examples of these frauds and warn others.

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