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BlackHat SEO with Google logo


Google has us accustomed to logo changes every time special dates are celebrated, just by clicking them we end up on a page with related search results.

Seo poisoning cases that take advantage of this are not often seen often, although spammers they always do it (they are automatic processes), their pages hardly achieve good positions for these searches.

But sometimes they succeed, this was the case of the logo about the painter John James Audubon that appeared last Tuesday 26:

The images are on an infected site

Spammers managed to sneak malicious images For the results of the main search, when clicking on one of them, the users were redirected to the page of a fake antivirus:

Fake page that simulates Windows XP environment

This happens because the images are at an infected site. Google displays the image in the foreground while the page that is hosting it loads in the background, since the infected page, the malicious code that redirects users is also loaded and executed.

Luckily, many users already have the trained eye to detect the pages of the false antivirus and cancel any type of download, the dangerous thing is when the malicious page does not require the user's action and simply infects it when visiting it (see example).