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Block a site in all browsers


Today I was asked by email how to block a site in all Windows browsers and the first thing that came to my mind was some parental control software, but there is another way to do it without the need for installations: with the hosts file.

Some time ago I published a post that explained how it works and how to edit it, so as not to repeat the same, simply leave a example with which access to Facebook is blocked:

Example: Facebook blocked from hosts file

With this configuration, regardless of the browser usedBoth and will not load. To block more sites simply add them one per line, in most cases it is necessary to add two lines per site to block access with and without WWW at first:

List of sites blocked from the hosts

This can be useful, for example, to block adult sites and prevent children from accessing by mistake. Only an Administrator can edit the hosts, so to avoid changing these settings different users can be created with limited permissions.

More information: how to edit the hosts file.

Any questions as always you can leave a comment.