Can a person eat an airplane?

Faced with this question, you may be wondering if we have gone crazy.

The truth is that no, we are not, at least not much, and neither are the creators of the channel ASAP Science, who have recorded a video in which they give a well-argued answer to a similar question.

The most obvious answer is to say no. Not even a small plane fits in the mouth of any human being, what madness! Okay, that's true, but what if is broken up? The answer still seems the same, but in this video they go much further. As you are eager to know the answer, without further delay, we will tell you.

Pica syndrome, the disease of peculiar culinary tastes

Basically, all this introduction is an original excuse to tell you about the Pica syndrome, an eating disorder that may sound familiar to you from the television program My strange addiction, since it leads to those who suffer from compulsive eating non-digestible food, without any type of nutritional contribution, such as hair, plaster, rubber or glass. Although it is common in people with mental diseases, can also be given in malnourished children and, curiously, in women pregnant, They usually eat chalk or plaster to compensate for the calcium deficiency resulting from pregnancy.

In order to digest a food, it is necessary that our digestive system contains the enzymes necessary to break it down. For you to understand me, for example, lactose intolerant people lack lactase, the enzyme in charge of digesting this substance and, therefore, drinking milk is so heavy. As you understand, nobody has enzymes that break down the glass, so these people often end up suffering digestive problems serious.

Michel Lotito, the man who was able to eat a plane

However, there are a few people whose stomachs are covered in a coating abnormally thick, thanks to which, despite the enzymatic absence, they can withstand these digestions. A good example is that of Michel Lotito, a man who throughout his life feasted on foods as strange as a bicycle, a computer, a chandelier, a coffin, several shopping carts, televisions and so on! A light plane!

Then he died before the age of sixty from natural causes. Naturally, he ate more than humanly a stomach can bear. But well, to ours. Can a person eat an airplane? Well, maybe not an airplane, but a small plane has proven that it does. That s, do not think to try it at home.