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Cannabis honey Still don't know what it is?

Cannabis honey Still don't know what it is?

The effects of honey health are well known and those of the cannabis, consumed in moderation, too.

So, can you imagine what it would be like to mix both substances? This is precisely what has occurred to Nicholas Trainer, a 39-year-old beekeeper, who has more than earned the nickname of bee trainer, because it has managed to train these insects to make honey from the resin of the Cannabis plant.

The result, which he called Cannahoney, is a product that maintains all the properties of honey (which provides energy and can act as an antiseptic or antibiotic) together with those of cannabis, which consumed in moderation and at controlled doses also has a large number of therapeutic applications.

The hyperactive child who became a bee trainer

When he was very young, Nicholas Trainer showed great concentration problems due to their hyperactivity, which led to having to leave school at a very young age.

In addition, this disorder posed many other difficulties in his daily life, so he ended up choosing to try the cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Little by little, his concentration problems and his nervousness stopped, so today he openly defends the consumption of this substance in all its variants.

How is cannahoney obtained?

In addition to his locksmith trade and his passion for art, Nicholas also began to enjoy raising bees, so the health benefits of substances such as propolis wave Royal jelly they are no mystery to him.

This has led him to take full advantage of these properties, training his bees so that, for example, he has managed to obtain the sugar from the fruits, instead of flowers, As it's usual. After this it has not been difficult to get his last trick, consisting of making the insects take advantage of the resin of the cannabis plant to make honey.

Bees don't have endocannabinoid system, so they do not suffer the same symptoms as we do when consuming cannabis and can make this delicious delicacy without any harm to their health.

What do you think of this new way of consuming cannabis? By not to smoke It is less harmful than the famous laughter cigarettes and, of course, its consumption provides an incredible range of possibilities. Can you imagine for example sweetening an infusion with this cannabis honey before going to sleep? Come on, we didn't go to bed relaxed!

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