Celebrity Twitter is used to promote diet pills

The Twitter of the singer Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) of the youth band One Direction was seen compromised by a phishing-spam attack Similar to the one I commented a few days ago, in fact it happened a few hours after the post was published.

An account was automatically promoted from your account Fraudulent page offering diet pills and possibly also used to steal the credit cards of those who make the purchase:

As can be seen in the screenshot, courtesy of GFI Labs, the young man has more than 3 million 800 thousand followersIn other words, a large number of people surely saw the tweet and followed the link simply because he recommended it. The good news is that it detected the problem quickly warning that your account had been hacked, currently the spam tweet has already been removed.

These types of situations in which celebrity accounts are compromised are not an everyday thing, but it happens from time to time and they remind us that we should always be careful with the links we follow, even if they are published by trusted people.

Thousands of spam tweets:

A simple search reveals dozens of similar messages per minute that are promoting the same product under another domain, some are published from ghost accounts (spam), others from compromised accounts as happened to Niall:

The red circle next to the links belongs to the WOT plugin that analyzes the links of the social networks to indicate their reputation, in this case the destination is clearly not a reliable site: