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Cheap Google laptops arrive in Spain: this is the Chromebook


Obtaining a Chromebook in European territory was, although easy, a curious task. Through some stores and distributors we can get these cheap laptops from Google, but on the other hand there was no official offer or at least extended by Google in Spain. That is about to change: Google bringsa renewed Chromebook offerto Spain.

Today Google has announced a renewal of its Chromebook offering, which will go on sale in a few weeks. They will be sold through a new portal integrated into the Spanish Google Store and through specialized sellers, such as MediaMarkt, FNAC or El Corte Ingls.

Google will worry about giving a varied offer of Chromebook, with a multitude of sizes and types of devices for all types of users. It is more than curious that in the list of available devices that Google has made official today they are notneither the Pixelbook nor the Pixelbook Go,its great assets in the market for cheap laptops with Chrome OS.

New Chromebook in Spain

Chromebook with Chrome OS.

These Chromebooks will go on sale on the dayMay 18,with a very specific selection of devices. As Google itself explains, the offer may grow as time goes by, so this list may increase soon.

  • Acer Chromebook CB311
  • Acer Chromebook R13
  • Acer Chromebook Spin 13
  • Acer Chromebook CB314
  • Acer Chromebook 514
  • Acer Chromebook 714
  • Acer Chromebook CB315
  • Asus Z3400CT
  • Asus Chromebook ZI400
  • Asus Chromebook Z7400
  • Asus Chromebook Z3400FT
  • Asus Chromebook Z1400
  • Lenovo C340-11
  • Lenovo S345-14
  • Lenovo Yoga C630
  • Lenovo C340-15
  • HP Chromebook x360-12
  • HP Chromebook 14
  • HP Chromebook x360-14b

Again, we note the absences from Google Chromebooks, ironically. At no time has Google ruled out launching these Pixelbooks in Spain, so if we want to get hold of them from the Google store, maybe we can do it in the future.

Far from this list, other manufacturers such as Samsung have launched some more than remarkable devices, with quite good hardware together with the low price that these cheap Google laptops usually have. However, for now the models that will be officially in the Google offer are those already mentioned.

Even with absences, we are pleased to see the variety that characterizes this catalog; Multiple screen sizes (from 11 to 15.6 inches) with really competitive prices,from 299 euros.Google itself affirms that the best asset of these Chromebooks is in their hardware, which has been more in line with the traditional offer that we would see on Windows 10 laptops.

Chrome OS inside

Chromebook. Google Omicrono

But why are these laptops so short? The answer isChrome OS,the alternative to Google's macOS and Windows. The idea was very simple: base all the use of our PC on the Google browser, Chrome. It may seem like a not very attractive idea, but remember that most of the time we spend in front of a PC we are doing it with an on-screen browser.

Due to this feature, the operating system is quite light, so it allows notebooks with reduced hardware that do not have performance problems. This lowers the price, and since these laptops are often used primarily in education, they do not require many resources to function.

In addition, Chrome OS has several advantages in its favor that make it a very interesting OS despite its limitations. It has very good support in terms of updates, it is well provided with security andAndroid application support,as well as the use of the Google store, Google Play, to run Android apps.

Without a doubt, what Google has highlighted most about this system is its versatility, since it is possible to work with the system even if we do not have an Internet connection (although it inevitably becomes more difficult).

However, it must be remembered that this OS has certain limits; we can't use apps like Photoshop and many of the Windows programs are not compatible with Chrome OS, at least in its desktop version. Therefore, we must take into account what use we are going to give these laptops before buying.