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Check if your Mac is part of the Flashback botnet – Dr.Web online tool

verificar mac Flashback botnet herramienta

Update: Kaspersky has also released a similar tool, you can access it from

Dr.Web has published an online application that allows us to easily determine if a Mac is part of the botnet created by Flashback, the Trojan that has already infected more than 600,000 users, mainly taking advantage of vulnerabilities in Java.

Link to tool: C&C Botnet HW-UUID checker

Simply enter the Hardware UUID of your team so that the tool verifies if there is a connection with the botnet servers:

The hardware UUID can be found under About this Mac in the Apple menu / More information…

According to statistical data that Dr.Web published (confirmed a few hours ago by Kaspersky), most of the compromised teams are in the United States, but in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Chile and Argentina There are also users who have their Macs infected and surely do not know it.

If your computer is not infected with Flashback (according to the numbers that are handled 1 of every 100 Macs it would be), it is a good opportunity to perform a full scan with some antivirus and make sure you do not have any other hidden Trojans 🙂

Finally it is worth remembering the importance of install all updates that Apple releases, mainly the Java patch released backwards to fix vulnerability Flashback is exploiting (very successfully). This plug-in is usually widely used to infect Mac, Windows and Linux systems, so if you don't use it frequently, it is recommended directlyuninstall it.

Update Monday 9: In the Dr.Web tool they added a counter that shows the number of Macs scanned and infected. At this time 65,704 UUIDs were analyzed and 1,204 (1.8%) were infected.