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Check the degree of protection of your computer with Kaspersky Security Scan

Kaspersky Security Scan

Kaspersky Security Scan It is a free tool that allows you to detect malware and other security problems on your computer. It does not generate conflicts with the resident antivirus, nor does it eliminate the threats it detects, it simply performs a scan to get a second opinion on the state of the system.

Two types of scans are offered, a quick scan that looks for infections in memory and startup programs, and a full scan that also scans all available drives. In addition to searching for malware based on the latest virus signatures, the installed antivirus status, the firewall and several Windows settings that can be exploited by attackers (eg, automatic execution of USB drives). Applications that are not updated are also listed.

In the following screenshots you can see the results of an analysis and the problems detected:

By default the application is configured to perform 3 scans per week, these run in the background automatically and display a warning if problems are detected. The date of these analyzes can be modified, but there are no options to cancel them or prevent them from running.

It is important to understand that Kaspersky Security Scan does not offer constant protectionThat is, it is not an antivirus that is always alert to block threats and disinfect the system. It also does not fix the problems it encounters, it simply checks the degree of protection of the equipment and reports it.

Download and more information: Kaspersky Security Scan

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