Cinemark Peru phishing seeks to infect with fake trivia

They are circulating fake emails that simulate being sent by Cinemark Peru, the attackers want victims to download a file under the guise of being a trivia to win tickets and participate in the draw for a 0 km car.

Fraudulent mail looks like this:

You can clearly see that the link downloads an .exe file, it is actually a Trojan (VT 10/43). The attack is similar to the one I had discussed a few weeks ago with CinePlanet, another well-known cinema chain that operates in Peru.

We have already talked a lot about the care that must be taken with the links and files received by mail, especially without being executable. A video was also recently released showing how an apparent Christmas image – which was actually an .exe – could infect the computer without us noticing.

Cinemark Per has informed customers about the situation on their official Facebook account, clarifying that all contests are held through their site They also mentioned that any promotional communication is sent from the official email webpage @, data that must be taken with tweezers since attackers can make an email spoofing without major complications.

Remember, common sense and care with the downloads you make.

Thank you @natorrante for sending.