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Clone ebook portals with misleading subscriptions


In the following screenshot you can see a portal that offers ebooks, at first glance everything seems normal, the site has a pretty neat design, there are screenshots of the books, descriptions, etc:

Apparently they can be downloaded for free, note that the price is crossed out and says Free for members, which suggests that you have to register, which will not be bad if they later allow the copy to be downloaded. However, when one clicks Download, one encounters the following:

The alleged discharge is camouflaged in a subscription systemwhich is very well thought out and is quite misleadingBecause membership for a day may seem very cheap, but if the victim does not cancel it automatically, it is renewed by deducting $ 39.90 from the card every month.

Why do I say victim? On the one hand, due to the way of making the user enter the download move, although it is legal, it is not very honest; and on the other hand because the site is actually part of a fraudulent ecosystem that allows you to automatically create this class of portals and earn commissions of up to 40% for each sale.

Here are some screenshots from other similarly operating sites (clones):

At Xylibox you can find more details about this affiliate program: Tracking Cyber ​​Crime: Books Sellers (Fake Ebooks)

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