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Crazy Gadgets 12: Yes, they created it and it exists

Crazy Gadgets 12: Yes, they created it and it exists

One more week, we go with a ration of Crazy GadgetsJust taken out of Doraemon's pocket, or almost.

Like every Saturday, it is time to review the rarer, curious or flashy pots that we have found on the Internet. Believe it or not, they exist and in most cases you can buy them.

Remember, as always, that you can consult the rest of the editions of Crazy Gadgets at this link, they are full of objects that are worth knowing (and who knows if you will end up with one at home).

The anti drone bazooka, you were waiting for it

Somehow the drone boom in the skies of our cities must be stopped. In recent months we have seen different security systems to hunt drones (especially in cases where they enter restricted areas), but with the SkyWall 100 you will feel the power in your arms.

It is a full-fledged bazooka. It is capable of reaching drones at a maximum of 100 meters away, to shoot them down it launches a net that opens blocking the propellers. The new equipment for the security forces? More details on its website.

The business card with integrated heart rate reader

The heart rate sensors They are already common in smartphones and increasingly, wearables and sports watches also integrate them to keep a pulse control at any time.

Now if I were a doctor, clearly will bet on giving these cards to my patients. Instead of using LEDs, they use two conductive surfaces to measure electrical currents. Showy it is, without a doubt. More info.

A miniMP3 that plays Spotify

It's called Mighty and it's like an iPod Shuffle, but where you can Store your Spotify songs offline.

There is a limit, of course: up to 48 hours of music in its 2GB of storage, manage everything directly from your Android and iOS smartphone. All the details of this interesting (at least different) project on KickStarter, where you are very close to reaching your funding goal of $ 250,000.

The T-shirt to learn anatomy

The virtual reality It is here to stay and ideas like this virtual shirt are very interesting, as well as simple.

At first glance it is a normal t-shirt, with an eye-catching design and little else, but when looking at it through the smartphone with a dedicated app or with cardboard, this print becomes a whole class of anatomy in real time. Great for the little ones to learn. Details and buy here.

Next week, more crazy gadgets.