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Crazy Gadgets 13: Plastic and Bulk Circuits

Crazy Gadgets 13: Plastic and Bulk Circuits

Get comfortable, here goes a ration of Crazy Gadgets.

What better way to spend part of the weekend than discovering the latest gadgets that have arrived in the world.

Perhaps this is the first time you have come to this article, so you should know that it is a weekly publication in which we review some of the most curious gadgets, accessories and inventions that have seen the light in recent times. You probably want to buy some, hide the wallet just in case. You can see the rest of the editions here:

All the crazy gadgets

Manus VR, the ultimate gloves? to control virtual reality


There is no doubt that the virtual reality It is the great bet of the present and, probably, of the future. Many are the important companies in the sector that are already developing their solutions, as well as other companies that will take advantage of putting compatible accessories on the market.

The controls are still the task to improve. In some cases console controls and other dedicated devices (such as the Oculus) are used. The Dutch of Manus Machina already have the first version of their Magnus VR gloves, compatible with HTC Vive. Pintaza:

The adapter that improves Apple's charger by 814.25%

An invention of the simplest, but that greatly improves the classic apple charger. It's called Blockhead and it's basically an adapter that turns the plug's own pin 90 degrees, so that when connected to the wall it is glued laterally.

Dripping accessory? Maybe, but it is probably that you have ever thought of it. It costs about 20 dollars, although unfortunately only with an American plug. The same we are lucky and if there is demand they expand to other markets.

The digital pin to take the Gifs #takemymoney

Have I already said that life is better with GIFs? Life is better with GIFS,that's so. This Kickstarter project aims to bring you GIFs in your day to day: a pin capable of reproducing fully customized images and gifs.

It is controlled through a mobile application, from which we make all the adjustments. Recharges via USB and the battery lasts 2.5 hours of moving images or up to 72 hours if it is a static image. It's cool, although it costs $ 59.

Put a drone in your life and sit on it

It seems that the future of transport passes through autonomous and electric vehicles, but why not flying?

The German company E-Volo has a Volocopter VC200 project underway, something like a drone for people, since its design is more similar to these devices than to the helicopter that we all know. They already made the first flight in November and now they will begin testing with people.

It is completely electric, although its autonomy is somewhat limited, with only 20 minutes of flight, but they hope to extend it to at least 1 hour. All the details on their website.