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Crazy Gadgets 14: Bypassing Some Robotics Laws

Crazy Gadgets 14: Bypassing Some Robotics Laws

We come back another week with a portion of Crazy Gadgets.

As every weekend, it is time to review the devices, accessories, pots, gadgets or any curious object that has recently seen the light.

Our imagination has no limits but it is that some of these gadgets are so crazy that we could never have thought that something like this could exist. You can enjoy the rest of the editions here.

The robotic kraken would be something like this drone

With the name ofCRACUNS, This drone can be quite scary if you see it appear out of nowhere, because it can be submerged for months without being affected.

When the time comes, its rotors start and it comes to the surface to start flying. We review all the details of this drone amphibianDetails here, and remember that if you want to safely fly your drone, you must know a few things before:

The connected umbrella is a reality

If you still haven't got used to the age ofconnected objectsGo do it. The Internet of Things will reign over the next few years and the last thing we find is thisumbrella that, in principle, you should not forget.

It is responsible for alerting you if it is going to rain, offers real-time alerts, alerts you if you forget it somewhere and is also connected to the wezzoo community Sharing humidity, temperature and more data will be logging with your internal sensors. More details in the project.

The modular power strip, the #takemymoney of the week

Another project that is literally hitting it on KickStarter, far exceeding the expectations of its creators is Youmo.

It is a fully modular power strip. Yes, a power strip can be very interesting, in the end it is where we connect all our devices and pots. Youmo is fully customizable: sensors, USB, lights, plugs of all passes, speaker just great, you can still buy it.

Xiaomi's bicycle, Xiaomi also rides bicycles

Xiaomi is the Chinese manufacturer best known for its smartphones and accessories for them. However, little by little he has diversified his business, reaching sales from humidifiers to segways. The latter is calledQicycle R1 and it's a bicycle.

It will be presented in the coming weeks and, as you can imagine, it is not a normal bicycle, but also acts as activity quantifier and synchronize all our effort data with the smartphone. The price will not be for all audiences, it is estimated at about 3,000 dollars.

Bento, the lunch box clock

We close the Crazy Gadgets of the week with a clock. It is not that it is a last generation smartwatch, moreover, it is probably not even time, but nevertheless You can carry food on it.

The Bento Watch is a real one lunch box clock. This is an ad from a Japanese seed company, but it's funny how hard the video is. A handmade clock, with a unique preparation inside.