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Did they tag you on Facebook? be careful, it could be a fake email to steal your password


A few days ago they left several comments on the blog offering services to steal passwords, it is not the first time that this happens to me, so in order not to lose the habit I contacted to see the modus operandi.

Comment left on the blog (deleted)

I pretended to be a client who needed a Hotmail password, what I received was the following:

Fake email with link to fake page

It's about a fake email that pretends to be a Facebook notificationAs the screenshot shows, the actual link in the message points to a strange address that appears to be from (Hotmail). Actually it's a .info domain (login ***. info) where a phishing page that steals passwords:

Phishing page

After entering the password or any data, a Facebook page is loaded so that the victim does not suspect and think that the content was removed. Close the page, think it is a mistake, and never realize that your password was stolen:

Facebook page without content to avoid suspicions

Although it should be suspicious to ask for the Hotmail password after clicking on a message, for many users it is not, they do not know the methodology of these attacks and end up being cheated.

The worst of all this is that anyone can do it, there are pages that offer the necessary tools to steal passwords, so you do not have to be an expert or have knowledge of programming to do it, which users of this kind of services do not know. It is that what they do is illegal and when faced with a police complaint for accessing other people's emails, they can get in trouble.

Update: Another example of phishing, this time a girl added you and wants to be your friend.

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