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Did you know that they can clone your card by using an ATM?


A few weeks ago, an article was published on XyliBox that shows how easy it can be today to acquire devices to clone cards at ATMs (skimmers) or at least contact a seller, perhaps that is why these are becoming more frequent frauds.

So it never hurts to talk about it and remember some tips, XyliBox published several images like the following:

This is one fake slot It is placed in the ATM and is used to clone the information of the magnetic bands, at the same time the criminals record the PINs entered by the victims with a hidden mini-camera. Then all the information is processed and taken to a plastic card printer, you can see a video of the operation here Fake a Credit Card.

These devices do not interfere with the operation of the ATM, that is, operations are carried out normally while the data is stolen. In some skimmer models they are stored in a local memory so it is necessary to search for them again, in other more sophisticated they are sent by WiFi, bluetooth and even SMS which prevents them from being caught red-handed:

In SpamLoco I have published several videos on the subject such as this recording from a security camera that shows two criminals installing a skimmer in 10 seconds; or this video recorded by the mini-camera itself that captured the PINs of the victims.

The following is a video of the Swiss police that shows in detail the operation of these card cloners:

Yes, nothing of what he says is understood but the images are very clear, you can see a small fake slot, a fake keyboard and a hidden camera on top of the ATM that records PINs.

3 simple tips to avoid cloning:

Before inserting the card, check that the groove is firmIf a device is in place, it may move or get out of place. You can do the same with the keyboard.

And to avoid hidden cameras the ideal is cover the keyboard with your other hand or some object Like the wallet, the idea is to prevent them from seeing the numbers you press:

I hope the information is useful.

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