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Do you want to know who visits your Tuenti profile?


The following is a sophisticated attack system that seeks to trick Tuenti users. Everything is carefully mounted on a blog from, the hook is classic, a method to see who visits you on Tuenti:

Must complete 3 steps and they are easy, first you have to click on a link that has the following structure With this, the trick is shared on Tuenti, so as not to be selfish.

In the second step you have to send a text to 10 contacts, something essential for the trick to work. Finally in step 3 you have to click on an advertisement to finance the project:

In this case, the advertising does not appear, so follow the instructions and press a button that no longer loads because it is hotlinked. Destiny is another page on the blog, but it seems that something is wrong:

There are two options, go back to check all the steps or go ahead with a click on a nice green button. I keep going and whala!

Everything perfect, I have already carried out all the steps correctly, all that remains is to restart the browser and wait 48 hours.

Do users fall for these tricks?

Yes, it is something that happens on all social networks, many want to know who visits their profiles and they do whatever it takes to find out How to download programs from dubious sources or follow steps as ridiculous as those discussed above.

A few years ago there was a site called Tell me who that allows knowing when they visited a Tuenti profile, this service offered a 1 pxel image, each time it was loaded some visitor data such as time, IP, operating system, browser and city were recorded. This information could be seen in an intuitive panel and in a way it was possible to know who visited the profile.

But the service ceased to exist long ago, after Tuenti was updated and blocked the publication of direct images, so, today there is no way to know if they visit your Tuenti profile.

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