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Does money bring happiness? Science responds

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It is a fact that at some point in our lives we have questioned whether money truly gives happiness.

With more money, we could buy more things, but the consumer drive could take over us and perhaps we would not value what we have in the same way. But on the other hand, with little money we could stop doing things that once gave us happiness, such as playing a sport or buying games for our console.

Doubts and more doubts, than the researchers of the Stirling University and Nottingham have tried to solve with a study with a total of 18,000 participants worldwide, and over a course of more than 9 years.

How does money give happiness or not?

Researchers from these two prestigious universities found that happiness is related to not losing money, not in receiving more. In short, we would be happier if we kept a month with stable economic levels, than one with ups and downs.

In the study, information was collected from two separate groups between Germany and the United Kingdom. Participants had to answer a questionnaire based on the money they earn annually and how satisfied they are in their lives. In addition, each participant was asked to answer different questions about their personality.

The results showed that regardless of the person's personality, the increase in income is not synonymous with greater satisfaction in life. On the other hand, when the impact of the loss of income or decrease was determined, there was a consequent reduction in satisfaction levels.

We usually assume that earning money makes us happier, however, we have discovered that what is really important is to manage our income wisely to avoid decreases and thus repercussions on our satisfaction levels. Christopher Boyce of the Behavioral Science Center.

Our way of looking at money is just as important

The circumstances and the vision of each person are potential factors that we must include in the definition of satisfaction. In this way, people who have a moderate stance in economic management will also find a lesser impact on their levels of satisfaction when seeing their income reduced compared to those with a position closer to greed.

Economic stability is the key to keeping us satisfied yesterday and tomorrow. For our part, we must do everything possible to stay on this line and contribute to those people who may experience negative impacts on theirs.

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