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Drones that carry out automatic attacks on WiFi networks

drone crozono

Crozono is a new framework that can be very useful for pentesters and computer security enthusiasts. It was developed in Argentina and has the capacity to carry out a series of intelligent attacks on WiFi networks (WEP, WPA / WPA2) and the LAN network once it is accessed.

It is programmed in Python and is open source, it is intended to be loaded on a Raspberry PI card but it can also be run from more powerful computers such as a desktop with the programs it uses installed (Aircrack, Nmap, Tshark, Metasploit, among others that can be seen in detail here).

This allows it to be easily mounted on drones or any other device that can be approached by hard-to-reach targets. Imagine for example that you want to test the security of a network that is located in a protected perimeter or on the top floor of a building, a drone would be quite practical and to a certain extent nobody would suspect that it is launching attacks against the WiFi network.

Once Crozono gets the wifi password, he can scan the internal network and carry out attacks to take control of the equipment, also communicate with the auditor using the victim's internet connection. In cases where the wifi password cannot be obtained, save a capture of the packets to configure a better attack.

To better understand its operation, I recommend you see the following conference by the creators Sheila Berta and Pablo Romanos held at the ekoparty 2015. Also read this article published on the great blog by Chema Alonso:

The source code is available at