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Event Protect your Facebook from being deleted (+34 thousand will attend)


A virus is circulating Fake event to protect Facebook account, the ideologists take advantage of two things, the naivety of the users and a rather silly news that has been circulating for days in all the media about an alleged attack by Anonymous against the social network.

The deception begins with messages and invitations that are sent by the same users, at the time of writing this more than 34 thousand believed it:

Event on Facebook

In step 4 you can see that the link is shortened with adf.lyThis is a service that shows advertising before opening the final destination and allows them to earn some money.

Then a page that talks about the destruction of Facebook loads, they ask again to post messages on the walls and click on another link with intermediate advertising:

Finally the following message is displayed:

As we see, it is still very easy to deceive thousands of users … the event has already been reported and deleted, but they will continue to appear. If you come across these types of messages do not play along and warn your friends, this time it was nothing dangerous but in the next they could be malicious links that seek to infect computers or steal passwords.

Thanks Federico for sending it.