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Everything we know about the iPhone SE

Everything we know about the iPhone SE

In a few days we have Keynote from Manzana and this is all we know about iPhone SE, round the 4-inch iPhone.

All the rumors pointed to a Keynote this MarchIn which Apple announced news and so has been confirmed: on March 21, at 19:00 (Spanish time) those from Cupertino will show what they have been working on in recent months.

There is talk of a 9.7 iPad Pro to accompany the one announced a few months ago, improvements in WatchOS and new bands for your watch (not a new model), as well as software updates for your operating system and also for AppleTV.

Apple iPhone SE, back at 4 inches

However, what you are creating the most expectation is 4 inch iPhone turn. Recall that with the iPhone 6, Apple left behind the size that it maintained until the iPhone 5S and how many followers it had. The times change, the fashions also and the different manufacturers have been increasing the screen sizes.

Today we are already used to 5 inches being a normal size, Apple finally increased the size of the iPhone with the 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, but that does not mean that there are no people who miss a more compact size.

No, the iPhone SE is not the iPhone 7, nor is it going to replace the current 6s or 6s Plus, but it came to complement the family, with quality finishes and completely renovated inside.

The design of the iPhone 5s completely renovated inside

Just inside? It seems. If you talk about Apple leaks, you have to talk about Mark Gurman, editor of 9to5Mac. In recent weeks, he has been leaking details of the presentation and with the precision he has had on recent occasions, there is little reason not to believe his sources.

Familiar look but totally renovated inside

Now, inside, things change. The iPhone SE is practically a new smartphone and nothing like the 5s. Starting with the processor, it would include the last ones A9 and M9 chips, much more powerful and that would also offer functions such as Siri always active and listening to commands.

In order to boost mobile payments, iPhone SE will integrate the NFC chip to do so. compatible with apple payBut that is, it would lose one of the star characteristics of the latest iPhone: the 3D Touch screen, since it will not include the technology of the panel to support it.

IPhone SE pricing and storage

It is quite likely that we will see an improved camera sensor, although it is not known what to mount, it is speculated between 8MP and 12MP with support of 4K video recording. The iPhone SE is also not the cheap or low cost iPhone that has been rumored for years. Prices will remain intact compared to the iPhone 5S, although the storage capacity was between two models of 16GB and 64GB.

Some analysts point to a price of about 485, others say about the 400 what is clear is that it will not be an iPhone 200 taking into account the components it uses. For its part, the rumors of the iPhone SE also spill, in turn, to other companies, such as the case of Samsung.

The movements of the competition

As many of you know, South Koreans announced their brand new Galaxy S7 in February and it is now speculated that, with the arrival of the new 4-inch iPhone, they could launch a Galaxy S7 Mini version to combat

The next March 21 we will leave doubtsWhat do you think about the idea of ​​renewing the iPhone 5s? If this is true, did you expect further evolution or at least a design change?