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Everything you should know to fly a drone in Spain

Everything you should know to fly a drone in Spain

The Police have reminded us of the rules for using drones in Spain, and it is good to review them if we plan to buy one.

Drones are already one of the most popular gifts (and self-gifts), but if we are not careful we can get into them, or worse, we can get someone else into what can cost us dearly.

And there are certain rules that we have to follow when using a drone, rules that depend on the laws of each country. So before you get excited and blow up the drone anywhere, the most important thing is that you find out what laws apply to drones in your country, and what you should do to avoid violating them.

Find out before you fly a drone

In the case of Spain, the government implemented several rules in mid-2014, but at the time we already said that it was a half-hearted job, since in reality they only updated the existing regulation. Be that as it may, that is what you have to follow to the letter, so it is good to review it.

Drones depend on AESA, the State Area Security Agency that is also in charge of civil aviation regulations, and in fact these rules are practically the same that the agency already had before drones became popular.

Much of these regulations are matters of common sense, so if we do not lack that we will have no problem using our drone, but we must also memorize some important data and details.

Rules for using drones in Spain

To get started, we must never lose sight of the drone, and we should always keep it at a maximum height of about 120 meters. This is a logical rule to prevent us from losing control of the drone and crashing it into a building, a tree, the ground or worse still, a pedestrian. The maximum height is an important detail, especially since it has been increased, before it was only 100 meters.

The fact of not losing sight of the drone not only implies that it is at a distance in which we can see it, but also that we can't make it fly at night, since we can easily lose it without light.

We can't fly the drone anywhere, and obviously we cannot do it in very populated areas where the device can fall on a person. So we should store the drone in urban areas, and in those open areas where many people gather, such as beaches, parks, concerts or other public events.

Of course, We also cannot fly a drone in a place where it is possible that other flying objects may appear; so nothing to go to the airport or airfield to fly a drone, since it can cause serious damage to the fuselage and engines in the event of an impact. We should not only avoid planes, but also people doing paragliding or skydiving, for example.

In the end, it is better to go to the model aircraft areas marked as such, but if our town does not have them, we can simply leave a deserted area.

Why it is important to follow the drone regulation

Why so much for all this? Well, because any damage that the drone could do, whether personal or material, It is the responsibility of the person who was managing it, so you are interested in having all this well learned.

And if you still don't get the idea, know that the law contemplates fines of up to 225,000 for improper use of drones, depending on gravity.

The general idea with which we should stay is that, although we do not have aviation knowledge, nor is it necessary, that does not mean that we are exempt from flying safely. As long as we keep this in mind, we should have no trouble with the law.