Facebook buys Giphy for 400 million: it will integrate its gifs on Instagram

Facebook and Giphy would have reached a purchase agreement with a cost of 400 million dollars for the Internet giant; It is presented as one of the most important movements of the year for Facebook.

Giphy is one of the most popular services for finding and creating animated gifs on the Internet, and therefore it is an inexhaustible source of memes that end up being shared on Facebook and other social networks.

Giphy's success is due to the variety of animated gifs we can find, but also to how easy it is to create one; We can start from our own gifs or videos, and even use YouTube videos to cut the scene we want.

Facebook buys Giphy

Given the popularity of animated gifs, it's no wonder Facebook was interested in Giphy; However, initially the agreement was not going to be an acquisition, according to internal sources have leaked Axios.

Instead, the original plan was to agree on an 'alliance' between the two companies, presumably to make it easier to find and use animated gifs on Facebook platforms and services.

Giphy allows us to create and find animated gifs Omicrono

Many pages and social media use the Giphy engine to find animated gifs, and this deal would have guaranteed Facebook access to its gif base. Some Facebook services like

However, that was before the coronavirus epidemic; Things have changed, and the conversation went on to discuss the full acquisition of the service, as it has ended up happening. Giphy's last valuation was $ 600 million, but Facebook will end up paying $ 400 million if the leak is confirmed.

Giphy integrates on Instagram

Everything indicates that Giphy will not close as a result of this sale, and that it will continue with the same brand. Giphy has promised that its services will be kept within the reach of other developers.

The main changes will be noticed in the Facebook services, which will now allow using animated gifs more easily. Specific, Giphy will integrate with the Instagram platform immediately, and Giphy's template become part of Instagram. At the moment there are no details on how to affect the rest of the services.

WhatsApp, for example, already has integration of animated gifs, but through the Tenor platform, one of Giphy's competitors. We can hope that over time it will switch to Giphy, so that it becomes the only alternative to find animated gifs on Facebook services, although at the moment there is no more information about it.