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Fake CCleaner requests activation by SMS


CCleaner is a free program that allows you to clean the Windows registry and delete temporary files, it is very popular and that is why it is not strange that cyber criminals use it to do their thing.

The following is a russian site that taking advantage of the good reputation of the program, offers downloading an infected version:

CCleaner fake site

To disguise themselves they clarify that the site is not official, however this does not make much difference when the main download is the false version:

Capture translated into Spanish

The version that can be downloaded from the server of this fraudulent site is modified and During the installation it requests the sending of an SMS to activate the programThey even offer other means of payment such as PayPal and credit cards:

Activation window of the modified version

Unfortunately these tricks are quite commonScammers take advantage of a service that allows them to automatically modify the original installers and process payments with 80% of the profits:

Service used by scammers

In the following screenshot you can see the builder installersNote how easy it is to select the different payment methods:

Modified installer builder


CCleaner is totally free, its official site is (Piriform is the manufacturer of CCleaner). If any program asks you to send an SMS, be very careful as it is surely a hoax, when in doubt, it is best to go to a help site and ask to avoid bad surprises.

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