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Fake donation site for New Zealand victims


Symantec's team has detected spam emails with links to a fake donation site for victims of the earthquake in New Zealand.

Fake New Zealand Red Cross site

Scammers copy the design of the Red Cross and when sending a donation they request name, e-mail, postal code, city, address, credit card number, security code, expiration date, 4-digit PIN, driver's license number, telephone number and birthdate.

By entering all this confidential information, victims are redirected to the actual Red Cross site, not knowing that in reality they were tricked and their data is now in the hands of cyber criminals.

You have to be careful with the emails received and do not get carried away by emotion, when in doubt the best thing is to ask. In this case, beyond the fake site being very well designed, the source of the donation is unsolicited email that could have been sent by anyone.

The royal site of the Red Cross from New Zealand is you access the donations section, you will see that much less information is requested than on the fake site and the payment is made safely.

Comparison of real site and fake site:

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