Fake Free SMS Promo By Facebook Installs Malicious Extension In Browser

In the last days several spam campaigns on Facebook who sought to deceive users with malicious extensions for the browser, most of them in Portuguese language like the following that promises to send free text messages:

On this fanpage, the attackers published malicious links that redirected to pages requesting the installation of an extension or browser add-on:

Since some links used the service offered by bit.ly, you can see their statistics by adding the + sign to the end of the URLs. In just 4 days one of the links received more than 36 thousand clicks:

The spread was quite viral since the extension took control of the accounts to post spam messages on the walls, but the danger is not only that, with a malicious extension all the activity carried out by the victim on the internet can be compromised. Attackers if they wish can modify the pages they visit, steal personal information, display their own advertising, send spam from webmail, download malware and a long etc of things that end up generating money at the end of the day.

In these cases, passing an antivirus or changing passwords is useless, the infection is in the browser itself and will continue there until the user removes it manually. Below I briefly explain the steps to do it in Firefox and Chrome.

Remove extensions in Firefox: access the menu Tools/ Accessories, a page with the list of installed extensions will open. From there you can delete them with a click.

Remove extensions in Chrome: in the options button (the mechanical key located at the top right) select Tools and later Extensions. A page will open with the extensions installed, with a simple click you can delete them.

If you don't know which extensions to remove, get rid of all those that seem suspicious or unrecognized. Remember to be careful with the accessories you accept, if you do not know their origin, do not install them, much less if you reach them through social networks 🙂

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