Fake Instagram pages and Angry Birds Space spread Trojan for Android

Have been detected Fake Instagram and Angry Birds Space pages looking to infect Android mobiles with fake versions of these applications. The first allows taking pictures with effects and sharing them on social networks, it became so popular that Facebook ended up buying it for a billion dollars; the second is a very fun game, the latest in the Angry Birds saga that has been downloaded by millions of users.

We are talking about two applications that are highly sought on the internet and that is exactly what the attackers are taking advantage of. Fake sites closely resemble original sites and spread SMS Trojans:

Angry Birds Space fake page

Once they are installed they ask the user for permissions to send messages, supposedly to activate the application, but in reality what they do is send messages to premium numbers which have special rates, this allows cyber criminals to earn money.

In addition, Trojans connect to certain servers, to download at some point other files that further compromise the security of the device and keep it under control.

The good news is that the detected pages are in Russian, it is very difficult for a user who speaks Spanish or English to end up on one of them through a search engine. However false applications of this type could also be found in markets of dubious reputation, even propagating with innocent QR codes.

Be very careful when downloading applications, either on the mobile or the PC, the ideal is to do it from secure sources such as the official market and reading the comments of other users.