Fake Norton Antivirus emails that look real

Almost all antivirus manufacturers have an affiliate system so that webmasters can earn money promoting programs from their own sites. To participate in these systems it is necessary to meet some requirements and there are things that cannot be done, such as sending spam.

This is exactly what can be seen in the following screenshot, it is a fake email that appears to be sent by Symantec, the maker of the Norton antivirus, but it's actually sent as spam by an affiliate:

Clicking on the message links can happen several things depending on the IP, accessing from my country ended in one of those fraudulent giveaway pages that only seek to trick users into subscribing by SMS and losing money:

Misleading promotions

Accessing with a United States IP ended in a site that at first glance seemed to be from the company, but in reality it was not:

Symantec website?

If you pay attention to the top of the page you will notice the warning from WOT, a browser plugin that warns us when a site has a bad reputation. By clicking on the warning you can see the comments and ratings of Internet users, most people rate it as phishing, spam and unethical.

Now, if the user is tempted by the promotions, he is redirected to the actual page of Symantec where he can buy the products safely. It is not a trick to install fake programs or steal credit cards, it is simply a website that takes advantage of the affiliation system to earn money.

However, this way of promoting products should not be accepted, They are directly using the image of the company and even giving it. Perhaps Symantec is not aware of the situation, although the page was promoted in this deceptive way at least a year ago …

On Twitter I asked them what they thought about that site and the comments on WOT, with replies to two accounts, we will see if they respond to anything.