Fake raffles for Samsung Galaxy mobiles go viral on Facebook

Yesterday I posted on Twitter I don't know what's worse … if people commenting or the company inventing raffles to add fans in relation to a Facebook fanpage belonging to a classifieds site where a alleged draw with 20 free Samsung Galaxy S III phones.

I came to the page because one of my friends shared the photo on his wall and chose his preferred color, as requested in the rules:

With the story of the draw in 24 hours they managed to add more than 30 thousand fans and they keep increasing.

These are some of the comments that deceived people leave:

It is possible that some when seeing the image with the mobile phone on a desk and all its accessories think that they -the owners of the fanpage- took the photograph. But the image is not theirs, if we copy its URL and paste it into the Google image search engine, we can see that it has been published before on many other sites:

You can see these results yourself here.

Also, the wording and methodology of the draw there should already be enough reasons to suspect and not share it. But even so many do it because of doubts.

The same fake raffle is being promoted in other languages:

At first I was not going to comment on this facebookero spam because unfortunately they are seen often, a few months ago for example I reported one exactly the same. But when I thought it was just about adding fans, the case took an unexpected turn.

Some users trying to alert others commented that it was a trick to get SMS subscriptions and left the link to a Belgian news site where a similar case was reported:

You will notice that the draw image and the text despite being in another language are similar, although in this case Scammers pretend to be Samsung Belgium fanpage. They created it on February 19 and with this tale of mobiles they added more than 27 thousand fans to this day.

In the rules of the draw they left a direct link to the next page where users must enter their mobile number. Those who still believe that it was something real ended up subscribing unknowingly to a premium SMS service at a cost of 14 euros a week:

Curiously, at the same time that he discovered this other side of the deception, on the Spanish fanpage they began to publish messages like the following one where they announced the first alleged winners of the draw:

As you can see, they apparently send them a private message asking for the mobile number … it is possible that they are sending private messages to many asking for their numbers, if the victims respond believing that the scammers themselves won, they could enter them in the subscription pages by SMS and then request a code that arrives -to the victims- to confirm the subscription.

These SMS services tend to pay affiliates an average of $ 5 per conversion (each time someone signs up), so check out … if you can trick more than 30,000 people into clicking Likes … a few hundred They may send in their numbers and then the confirmation codes thinking they won a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Then I leave the addresses of these false fanpages to denounce them among all. They are all part of the same campaign, there are several versions, I even found one in Portugal:

https://www.facebook.com/adzarus.es (Spanish version)https://www.facebook.com/SamsungIndBR (Samsung fake Brazil)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samsung-Inc-Belgique/131655530339320 (Fake Samsung Belgium)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobile-Belgium/418728738220075 (another from Belgium)http://www.facebook.com/pages/Apple-Belgium/335162576583593 (Fake apple)

To report simply click on the button to the right of the Like and then select Report page:

Update – More variants of deception:

In this variant they pretend to be an official Apple page and of course they changed the prize, now there are 20 iPhones:

Update 2:

In some pages they changed the image of the draw, obviously it is still false:

In the following case, if we search for it on Google, we will see that it appears on many other sites, that is, it is not a photograph taken by them … they simply took it from the internet. The ease with which people believe it is surprising, as this publication was published an hour ago and has already been shared by more than 3,000 people.

If you want to be informed on Facebook about this type of deception and other security-related topics, you can join www.facebook.com/spamloco

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