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Fake sales of cell phones, tablets, consoles and cameras


The following case was sent to me by the victim of a Nigerian scam who shared his bad experience in this forum and asked me to comment on the blog to alert. All the details of what happened are published there.

I have already discussed several cases like these, they are called the Nigerian scam or scam 419 because money transfers are generally requested to that country and violate article 419 of its criminal code. However, the modus operandi is spread all over the world and such a scam could be carried out perfectly from anywhere.

Fake sale of cell phones, tablets, consoles and cameras:

Scammers post that can be found on various forums

It all started with a fake posting on a forum that offered various products at very tempting prices. The victim contacted them to place an order and take advantage of an alleged offer of 3 iPods for the price of 2, this was the response I received:


2unit cost 700usd and You will get 1 for free,

Before we ship out the item we will have to confirm your payment once your payment have been confirmed by our accountant. we are going to ship out the item immediately once we ship out we are going to issue you a tracking number for you to trace your package online.

Shipping Company is Via FedEx Courier Service.Delivery Time: 24/48 Hrs.

Visit a local Western Union agency (find nearest location)…

The message basically says that by paying $ 700 you will receive three units that will be mailed once payment is made by Western Union. The scammer's details are as follows:

Full Name: Tina FrankAddress: 758 GREAT CAMBRIDGE ROADCity: ENFIELDState / Province: MIDDLE *** Zip Code / Postal Code: EN1 3PNCountry: UNITED KINGDOM

As you can see it is a shipment to England, unfortunately the victim sent the money without knowing that she was being cheated. But this didn't end thereThe following day these sons of p *** swindlers contacted her again to Ask him for more money with the excuse that they had mistakenly sent 9 units instead of 3… this time the transfer must be made directly to Nigeria:

Receiver Name: Gabriel RobertReceiver City: LagosReceiver State: LagosReceiver Zip Code: 23401Receiver Adress: 29, GABARU AKINKUNMIReceiver Country: Nigeria

At this point everything was very suspicious and the second money transfer was not made.

What can be done in these cases?

The money can no longer be recovered, the scammers possibly withdrew it with a false identity and Western Union will not return it. The police will not solve it either, however, making the complaint is always good for the fact to be recorded, and they can send the data to the authorities of the other country for investigation.

It is also good to share the experience to teach other people and avoid being deceived. Many detect scams by searching Google for information such as the names of the scammers, their email addresses, and the messages they send.

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