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Fake tool to hack Western Union

programa falso de western union

In the following screenshot you can see a tool that supposedly will allow hacking Western Union, it is a fake program that seeks to deceive users:

Apparently they could make transfers by directly modifying the databases, one could edit the recipient of a draft and thus receive or send money to whoever they want. All this thanks to a secret vulnerability.

The program is not free, they sell it for 250 dollars and offer a limited trial version that is actually a Trojan (VT 28/41), when running it simulates searching for vulnerable offices in our country to be able to modify the transfers, the process is very slow … this and an extensive manual are only a screen for the victim to entertain himself while the Trojan does his thing :

If all this were real, many would wonder why they sell the software instead of taking advantage of it themselves, to get ahead of the mistrustful they clarify it saying that for a time they did it, then their friends discovered them and instead of sharing the secret, they sold them the software … so they realized that by selling it they earned much more.

This scam reminds me of the fake Paypal Limitation Remover program and many others of its kind, they are generally promoted with videos on YouTube to demonstrate its operation, in more worked cases like this they also have their own site to confuse and deceive:

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