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False emails from the Combat program in Peru spread Trojan

spam combate formulario falso para participar

Combate is a television program that is broadcast in Peru and, as has happened with other programs, cyber criminals did not miss the opportunity to deceive users and infect them.

In the following screenshot you can see the fake email they are spreading:

From: ATV Combat Date: September 2, 2012 Subject: You have been Drawn Participate To: *****

They try to make victims believe that they have been chosen and that to participate they must complete a course form. When they try to download it they are actually downloading a trojan .exe:

The malware is hosted on a compromised .edu site and the word coincidentally appears in the URL. form which can help convince more victims. This happens because surely the educational site form was violated, that is why they managed to upload the malware to their server.

At the moment the detection rate in VirusTotal is quite low, only 4 out of 42 engines identify it with their signatures and although locally antivirus also perform heuristic and behavioral analyzes, the best defense against these social engineering attacks remains the common sense.

The official website of the Combat program is Any advertisement, promotion, raffle or whatever should be found there. Do not blindly trust everything you receive in the mail.

Thanks born for the delivery.