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False news about the war between Chile and Peru spreads Trojan

noticia falsa guerra entre peru y chile

A spam is circulating fake news about an alleged war between Chile and Peru, the message pretends to be sent by CNN and contains a video to download:

The design, as you can see, is quite convincing and regardless of how suspicious the news is, many will surely create it and click without thinking too much. Doing so opens a page in the browser that initiates the download of an .exe file that simulates being the video, in fact it is a Trojanthat infects the computer (VT 10/42) VideoGuerraPeruChile.exe:

This page is simply used as an intermediary to start downloading the file from some compromised server, in its source code you can see the following (click to see larger):

As we see, It is not difficult to detect this kind of deception,you just have to make a little common sense and think twice before clicking on a received link. In this case also, a download starts which is always suspicious and much more when it is a .exe.

Trojan with and without an extension in sight

Finally it is worth mentioning, as I have done on other occasions, the importance of having Windows extensions enabled to display the actual file extensions, this small detail can help us detect a deception.

In the right image you can see that the Trojan really looks like a video with hidden extensions, however despite its icon it is an executable file.

Thank you Milagros for sending it.