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Find out who visits your profile on Facebook, it is false!


During the weekend, given the virality for which Facebook is provided, thousands of users have received invitations from an event to See who has visited your profile!

Example of sent invitations

They were automatically generated by a script similar to the one I was commenting on last Friday to send spam by chat. But unlike the English variant, in Spanish the links point to blogs with videos, Like buttons and Google AdSense advertising.

As I once said, social networks are a gold mine to infect, but here it is not a sophisticated malware that does its thing but simply the curiosity, carelessness and ignorance of the users who fall time and again in the usual tricks.

These are some deception catches (click to see larger):

In the previous images you can see two of the pages used by the pseudo spammers, in one of them the hook is steps to see who visits the profiles and in the other a supposed funny video. Anyways, the victim ends up copying and pasting the code that the script loads into their browser:

The script is similar to the one I mentioned last Friday, although in Spanish they added some alerts to make sure that the victim is logged in on Facebook. These alerts simply display a window like the following:

Clicking OK generates an event that invites all friends and sends chat messages to those who are connected, it's very viral:

Finally the victim is redirected to a site with advertising and Like buttons, the deception is quite similar to that of QuienVeTuProfile

More catches:

The previous corresponds to EspiaFace or EspiaProfile .com, one of the most worked. The script that loads is compressed in hexadecimal, possibly to make it difficult to read or copied a little:

The uncompressed code (click to see larger):

Once the victim falls into the trap, without knowing it, posts messages on the walls of all his friends. The numbers that appear as Top of visitors are false, in fact they are generated by the same script, in the previous screenshot you can clearly see the message:

Chat messages are also sent and an event is created, note the recent activity on the wall (click to see larger):

Thanks @LRGuillen, Daniel, @GonDragon, @Rodribo and Luis for the notices.

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