Fraudulent software to watch F1 live

Formula One started last weekend and it wouldn't be uncommon to see during the year the occasional scam related, an example of this is the next page that offers a software to watch live races:

To download it you have to pay, there is no demo or explanation of how it works, they just mention that the program allows you to watch live races and hundreds of sports channels in HD. The name of the program is also not clarified, so you cannot seek opinions from other users.

The only way to know if this is true is pay with the credit card, then you can access the download:

These are other designs that offer the same:

Actually these pages are part of a very murky affiliate market that also tricks users with fraudulent antivirus, online TV viewing programs and fake copies of programs like Google Earth, LimeWire and Skype.

If what you want is to see F1 live I recommend you go through the official page where you can see live telemetries and search online channels on portals such as or, some users connect the TV with the computer and transmit online signals.

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