Free Credits for Facebook (another hoax adds fans)

Luis (@angelbladex) sends me one false page which seeks to trick users with free credits for Facebook games:

Fraudulent page that pretends to be from Facebook

To get them, victims must do three things, click on several Like buttons, copy and paste a message on several Facebook pages and share the trick on their walls. However this is all fake! the page only deceives users.

I was doing a little research and there is also Spanish versions:

Spanish version (click to see larger)

And here another in English:

What do they gain from this?

There are many variants of these tricks, in this case they seek add fans On Facebook pages, every time a Like button is clicked, a new follower or fan is added. Then these pages with thousands of followers are sold in forums for several hundred dollars or used to promote products (spam).

Others are also looking to make some money, in the following screenshot you can see how they place AdSense advertising in a way that is not allowed:

(click to see larger)

And users fall for these tricks?

Like flies …

Messages left by users looking for credits

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