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Free VPN with no data limits thanks to ProtonVPN

proton vpn

ProtonVPN is a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that allows you to navigate more securely from three points on the planet: the United States, Japan and the Netherlands. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Your free plan does not limit the amount of data to be consumed during navigation, although it limits the speed of the network. In addition Doesn't show personalized ads while browsing Nor does it record your browsing history.

The payment plans offer many more features: up to 10 devices per account, more than 40 countries to select, maximum speed, access to .onion sites on the Tor network, protection of DNS queries, among other very interesting features.

Let's remember that a VPN is basically a tunnel that allows you to go out to the internet from another computer that can be found anywhere in the world. For example, when you access through the VPN, your computer or device will connect to the ProtonVPN servers first and from there connect to the server of this blog.

In this way your connection will be more secure since you would be avoiding, for example, sniffers present in your network that can see the pages that are visited and even steal passwords. The VPN will also allow you to browse with a different IP than your usual connection, this IP will depend on the country you select when starting ProtonVPN.

That said, VPNs are especially useful to use when connecting from a public or shared network such as a hotel, café, or airport.

Why is Proton VPN free?

Providing safer network access is part of its mission, the project was born out of the need to protect activists and journalists who used ProtonMail, a mail service that encrypts messages from end to end to prevent them from being intercepted. The service today is kept running thanks to the income obtained from payment accounts, so one way to support them is to upgrade to one of these accounts.

It is really a very good service that is worth trying!