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Generating bitcoins with the neighbor's computer


In the previous post I commented on a false program (BitCoin Generator) that seeks to deceive unsuspecting users who want to generate bitcoins in a simple way, well, this time comment on a real program that allows build a Trojan for other people's teams to secretly generate bitcoins:

You just have to enter the data of a pool of bitcoins and the URL of the program that generates the bitcoins (it can be, for example, the official client). Then with the Build button, the Trojan is automatically created which, when executed on another computer, makes it a miner, that is, the infected computer go on to generate bitcoins for the attacker.

There are many ways to spread this little program (warez, p2p, spam, chat to the neighbor, etc.), some do through botnets to harness the processing power of thousands of computers (bots). This is very simple since on an infected computer the attacker can remotely install whatever he wants in a hidden way.

It is estimated that a botnet of 3,000 computers can generate an average of 1 bitcoin a day (about $ 13 currently), although there are many factors that influence this calculation.

The power is one of them, in addition it is necessary that the computers are turned on as long as possible (24 × 7). Because programs that generate bitcoins consume a lot of resources, some use special versions that work only when victims are not using the equipment, in this way they avoid suspicions of infection.

As we can see, creating programs to infect and take advantage of other people's computers is not a complicated thing. So be very careful with the things you download from the internet And if you go looking for programs like these, be more careful because there are many that are false and they seek to infect the one they want to infect 🙂

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