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Getting tattoos can strengthen your immune system

Getting tattoos can strengthen your immune system

Did you get a new tattoo last Saturday in a drunken moment? Take it easy, what you did can be very beneficial for your health.

Become a tattoo it is one of those decisions that we must mature carefully. What we draw will be there for life, so it is best to think carefully about a design that we want to keep. In addition, many people are reluctant to this type of practice, due to fear of adverse reactions resulting from the injection of ink under the skin.

However, the truth is that, as long as they are carried out in properly enabled sites and with the subsequent sanitary inspections, nothing has to happen; Furthermore, according to a new study published in the journal American Journal of Human Biologycan even strengthen our immune system.

The relationship between tattooing and going to the gym

These researchers decided to delve into this matter by realizing the similarity between going to the gym and tattooing. Usually, when we go to the gym for the first time, we get out of there hating the man who decided to invent the treadmill, sweating the fat and even with pains in his identity card. However, little by little, our muscles will be strengthened and these effects will give way to more wellnessfewer problems with breathing and absence of laces.

If you think about it, tattooing is something similar. When a person is treated for the first time, their body weakens by the entry of a strange agent that, in addition, does not enter precisely tickling. But that only happens in the beginning. If we decide to get more tattoos, that feeling disappears, because the ink it is no longer unknown to our body.

Why does having many tattoos strengthen the immune system?

Based on these similarities, these scientists decided to recruit a group of volunteers at the exit of a tattoo shop. Specifically they were 24 women and 5 men, who were asked about the number of tattoos they had and the duration of each session. In addition, they were also extracted blood to check the levels of Immunoglobulin A and cortisol. The first is a antibody, so it is directly associated with the immune system, while the second is a hormone which serves as an indicator of stress.

As you know, stress is associated with weakening of the immune system. For this reason, when we are stressed with work, family or studies, it is much more frequent to contract some diseases. But what does stress have to do with tattoos? Well, a lot. As you will understand, seeing how a stranger introduces a needle under your skin and displaces it while making an irritating noise is not a pleasant sensation; Although at that moment you think how good the tattoo is going to look and it goes a bit.

So those volunteers who had gotten their first tattoo had the cortisol through the roofwhile the immunoglobulin A had noticeably decreased. However, those who had already made several, only suffered one mild every levels of the antibody as a result of increased cortisol, so it is understood that his immune system had been strengthened.

It would be necessary to repeat this study with a larger number of volunteers to be able to firmly affirm this fact, but it seems that yes, that tattooing many times strengthens the immune system. Yes, be careful with the design. Ex-partner names can also strengthen bad memories and, above all, embarrassment.